Monday, July 25, 2011

100 Days toward a healthier life - Day 79

Breakfast:  Eggs, flatbread
Lunch:  Soup
Dinner:  Soup, a few jalapeno chips, pineapple

So, the energy thing is weird.  I have tons of it and then I crash.  I did some organizing in the kitchen this morning, had lunch and then a long nap.  I actually fell asleep at my computer.  The afternoon and early evening found me frustrated with the cabinet organizing, so I pulled everything out and redid it all.  It looks really great and I filled another box with great stuff for the charity shop and a nice bag of all sorts of odds and ends for the trash, too.

In the midst of the afternoon stuff, I made another slow cooker of soup.  I mean, what was I thinking?  Even on the high setting, the darn thing just finished cooking and now I have to stay up until it cools enough to be refrigerated.  I used a roasted chicken from the freezer and just carrots, celery and onion, with a large can of chicken broth.  The soup part will be soup, but most of the chicken meat will be made into curry and frozen for work lunches.

I am really liking those cabinets right now.  I do not have any pantry space, just three relatively narrow cabinet shelves.  They are wide enough for two sheet cake pans.  I now have my canned good on those two pans I noodled with a few days ago.  Everything is organized and easy to find.  Yay, Simpleton!!!!

A friend's sister is finally back in town, so I will take all of my good dishes and most of my everyday dishes to her on Saturday.  This is sad for a few reasons.  I like them, but because I cannot have guests here, there is no point in keeping them when someone else can use them right now.  You know, I chose them carefully so many decades ago, because I wanted them to be something I could enjoy using and they had to be inexpensive enough so that I could actually buy them.  Back then, accomplishing both of those goals was easier.  Today, not so much.  It seems that you can have nice or inexpensive, but not both.  I am hoping that she will agree to take all of the glassware I have, but I will not be able to ask her until Saturday.  I think that I will box it all up and take it along, just in case she wants any of it.  The rest can go in the charity boxes that will also be delivered on Saturday.

I cannot tell if this huge divesting project is good or not.  I am all over the place in how I feel about it, glad that stuff is gone and a little heart-broken that it is leaving.  I am still waiting to hear about the new home for my loom, but I just have to stop stressing about it, so I have given myself another month or so to find it a new home.  My life just kind of sucks right now, although I am mostly all right with everything.  You know, out with the old and all that jazz.  It is just that sometimes I wish I could simply walk away from everything.

Anyway, off to find containers for the chicken soup and maybe to bed in an hour. 
I have to print more business cards, so that will fill part of the time. 
I can also look for more slow cooker recipes. 
I am so tired, but I feel stronger today for some reason.  Tired all the damn time, but stronger.  Makes no sense.
Tomorrow is laundry day...yipee!  Clean underwear...woo-hoo!!  Fresh bed linens...ahhhhh!!!
Only two more weeks until a day trip. 
Only two weeks after that and a four-day trip.
Then, nothing for a couple of months.  Have got to fix that.

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