Thursday, July 21, 2011

100 Days toward a healthier life - Day 74 and Day 75

Day 74
Breakfast:  Eggs, grits, oh, how I love this breakfast!
Lunch:  Soup, 2 snack packs of applesauce, 1 snack size chocolate pudding, some rice crackers
Dinner:  Deli salads

Very busy day, but not so much that I should have been so tired.  By the time I stopped at the market, bought entirely too many prepared foods and came home, it was all I could do to eat some stuff and go to bed.  I did not even wash my face, although teeth were brushed.

Day 75
Breakfast:  More deli salads
Lunch:  Raw vegetables and dip
Dinner:  2 frozen steak and beans burritos, with some sour cream plopped on top

I woke with a deli salad hangover (with a side of éclair, which I forgot to list for yesterday).  I ate some sauced cucumbers and fruit fluffy stuff.  And the éclair.  Oh, the shame.  But, I could hardly walk properly, much less think whilst shopping last night.  I did buy the vegetables, too, and I threw away the other éclair that I bought.  So, a bit better.  The burritos were good, but mostly beans, so what the heck was that about steak? 

Anyway, I woke too early, probably because of that hangover.  I mean, what is the point of sleeping in if your body is going to get you up at the usual time?  I can probably blame that on my ancient bladder, but still.

So, up for more salads, this time cole slaw and noodle salad.  Both were disappointing, as only deli stuff can be.  It looks so wonderful and delicious when you are really hungry and exhausted, but the tasting never equals the yearning that made me buy it.  I also bought egg salad...I mean, who even knew they made such a thing there...and that was better.  I had it with lettuce on a flat bread (also purchased last night).  Managed to get some work done, but only for a couple of hours.

Then, I went back to bed for three hours.  More work and back to bed until mid-afternoon.  Diary, why am I so tired all the damn time?  I have managed to stay up and awake for the rest of the day, but it has been a struggle and I am done.  The naps, however, kept me out of view and resulted in not finding myself in trouble about anything.  Bliss.

I hope tomorrow is a more productive day and that I can squeeze in some more junky-gunky food.  Yum.  So much for healthy eating for the remainder of the week.  Alas.

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