Make the world a better place

 Big Brothers Big Sisters

Habitat for Humanity
One of the many great things about Habitat is their ReStores, where they sell materials that were left over from projects and/or donated materials that they cannot use in their projects.  This is a great opportunity for volunteering, as well as finding home building and repair materials for your own projects, whilst support some seriously wonderful work.

American Red Cross (There is likely to be a similar organization where you live.)

Volunteer Match

Corporation for National and Community Service
This includes:
  •     AmeriCorps
  •     Citizen Corps
  •     Learn and Serve America
  •     National Conference on Volunteering and Service
  •     Peace Corps
  •     Senior Corps
  •     Volunteers for Prosperity
  •     Federal Civil Service
  •     Foreign Service
  •     Military
  •     State and Local Government
  •     U. S. Public Health Service
  •     Veterans Affairs


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
What you can do

Pop!ulation Press