Wish list


that I had taken better care of myself all these years
hindsight is, what, always 20-20, like that helps now

whirled peas
I am not sure this is reasonable, or even possible, but I still want it.

a room of my own, surrounded by other rooms that I control

a car of my own

access to public transportation

more cats than are healthy to have

someone to design a metabolic system for my body that allows me to eat any damn thing I want without injury or insult to the aforementioned body
O.K., then, I really do not want this because I want to find health on my own recognizance, but it would be nice if there were a Metabolic Faerie.

a whole shitload of money...oh, you say, money cannot buy happiness...yes, it can and it can buy peace of mind and freedom from worry and the means to keep certain people out of one's life...and, if that is not happiness, well, then nothing is

the ability to release all of the things in my life that are not manifesting in my own self-interest
I really want this, even as it extends to my crap that fuels my creativity and makes life worth living, because I have too much crap, abundance issues and all that jazz.  Oh, and this includes people as well.

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