Sunday, July 17, 2011

100 Days toward a healthier life - Day 71

Breakfast:  Slab-beef...all right, half of a T-bone steak, jalapeno muffin
Lunch:  Pepperoni pizza
Dinner:  Rest of the steak, focaccia bread, cream cheese

Today is better and when that happens, that I am feeling better, I cannot believe how upset I can get by stuff.  Yesterday was pain and now it is gone.  Just residual sadness, but, cripes, everyone has that.  Big girl panties.  Pull.  Up.  Move on.  Easy.

I got rid of more stuff today.  Lots of old stuff just into the garbage.  I swear, we could have the best rummage sale ever if I was not throwing all of this crap away, because it is really good crap.  Some of it could go to the charity shops, but if I want to put those older appliances in the boxes I would have to stop and do a nice clean and shine and if I do that I know that I will get bogged down.  So, into the trash it is going.  The even better crap is going into boxes, which helps to minimize the whole guilt thing about throwing away perfectly good stuff. 

I am off to the home improvement store tomorrow to find something like a rolling shelf thing, should such a thing even exist.  I want to make the shelves on the lower cabinets more accessible, given my rotten joints.  I hate spending the money, but it is either that or not have any place to store the canned goods and stuff.

I figured that as long as I was divesting the loom, kiln and all of the pottery tools and molds, that I might as well get rid of all of my cake baking equipment.  As a young wife and later as a mother, making celebratory cakes was the only way that I could make spending money.  So, gone will be all of the fabulous pans and other stuff.  One of my friends spends lots of time at a senior center near her and I have already offered the couple of hundred sewing patterns that I have to them, and I think that I will call them in the morning and ask if they want all of the professional baking equipment that I have.  That would be cool.  Again, good homes, even though that should not be a consideration for me.  Just ridding myself of all of this should be enough.

After six days of this gutting of my life's activities, I am strangely kind of, maybe, sort of feeling reasonably good about it.  Well, except for the books, but my guess is that as I get deeper in the process of removing them from the house that that will be easier, too.

I ate dinner too early and am hungry again, so a can of soup and then back to my library book, which I do not understand, but am sticking with just in case it turns out to be worth the work.  I finished the zombie book last night.  It was not great, but it was good enough that I am planning to read the rest of the series.

I now have less than a month of this hundred days.  I fully expected to be healthier by this time, but I am not, at least not physically.  I do, however, have a broken heart and a lot less stuff, so it is all good, I guess. 

See ya.

Alrighty, two last things.  A friend was over and wanted to know why someone who is not me is weirder than usual.  I have no answer for that.  I also saw that there was a message on the answering machine and it was from another friend who said that she called my telephone number and was told by the gentleman who answered that that number was not my number and then gave her the number for the answering machine.  Ummm, both of those telephones are right here in the house, but, more importantly,  someone who is not me could not even take a message.  Yeah, a small thing, very small, but still weird.

The other thing is that I am liking my hair in braids more and more.  Easy to do, no drag on my scalp and if I lean back in my desk chair there are not any clips or pins poking me in the head.  Plus, it kind of makes me look like a looney old granny and if I can find my straw hat with the flowers, I will be set to go.  Yep.

I kind of thought about a GP today, but actually making one is not all that appealing.  More weirdness.

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