Monday, July 18, 2011

100 Days toward a healthier life - Day 72

Breakfast:  Eggs over grits
Lunch:  Japanese
Dinner:  Steak

So, anyway, I just thought to use the draft option here, Diary..  Again.  And, because I think that it might be a day with some surprises.  Yeah, those damn things.

I am on my way out to the home improvement stores in the city.  I am looking for a shelf thing that can sit or be fastened to the existing cabinet shelves so that I can pull it out to have access to the stuff at the back of the cabinet shelf.  I suppose I could try to look it up before going to the store and trying to figure it out there, although my guess is that the people who work there might know exactly what I mean.  It is a long drive and I probably should optimize my gasoline usage.

I already have two basket-like things in which I store pan lids, cooling racks and random utensils, but I want an actual shelf-like thing, to make better use of the storage space.

O.K., Home Depot.  Product directory.  Kitchen organization.  You know, if I cannot find anything, then some cheap sheet pans could work.  They would not be all slide-y and easy like something on tiny wheels or gliders would be, but those could work.

I hate dial-up.  I mean, I am glad to have it and have access to the Internet and everything, but it takes exponentially longer to do anything.  I tried to watch a video yesterday on hand looming (yes, I know how pathetic I am), and I never was able to see more than 2:27 minutes of the nearly 7:00 minutes of the darn thing.

So, I found baskets and some glidey things, like runners or something and finally ended up with some glide discs because they were less expensive.  Man, this kind of shopping just slays me, and not in a good way.  I know that it is for the ultimate good of home improvement, as well as helping my terrible joints, but the stress of spending, or potentially spending, that kind of money is uncomfortable.  I can plop down a hundred dollars for a weekend's traveling, but doing the same for this other stuff...argh!

Then, I get everything home and start to install it and the baskets do not fit.  So, much of it has to go back and since I could not find the stuff that I needed at the two home improvement stores, now I have to spend Thursday back in the city, visiting the hardware stores.  I finally got a clue about what this stuff is called, then called the stores and just have to go in and see if what they have will work in this kitchen. 

If I could afford to have it done, that would be wonderful.  You just tell the person who will be doing the work what you want and they figure it out, do the shopping and install it and it is done.  This doing it myself is a pain, Diary, because I am clueless to the nth degree.  Anyway, I am pretty sure that these things are called multi-use, wire baskets on runners.  Or, slides, maybe they are called slides.

This is just plain nuts.  All I want is to be able to put my canned goods and flour more than two cans deep in those cabinets without it being so expensive that I might not be able to afford to actually put any groceries in the darn things.  Is that too freaking much to ask?

O.K., I just browsered "how to store canned goods in wire baskets on slides."  I might be on to something.

Nope.  I am finding tons of small things and lots of pull-out wire basket things for cleaning supplies and the like, all of which are too tall for the cabinets. 

One of my other ideas was to just use cheap sheet cake pans and drag them in and out of the cabinets, but that sounds like it would be kind of heavy.  I wonder if I can glue those glide discs to the bottom of those pans and make it easier to pull and push them.

Oh, just found this Stor-Drawer system.  Too expensive.  Rats.

I give up.  This is too expensive and I am going to buy those darn sheet cake pans on the way home from work tomorrow night, epoxy the glide discs to the bottoms and be done with it.  And, if I stack the cans and stuff on them right away, I should be pretty sure of getting good contact and adhesion. 

And, Diary, did I have any surprises today?  Yes.  Yes, I did.  They were not nice, but I was prepared for that being the context and I am not feeling all crappy or anything.  Just disgusted.  You know that sound of disgust that dogs and teenagers make?  I am getting awfully good at that myself.  Small head shake, more of a quiver really; a short, quick exhalation from the top of my lungs, with a little punch to it; a brief flexing of my vocal chords, a little higher up.  Yeah.  Unfortunately, I am swearing again.  Shameful.  I also called someone a name today, and even though the other person did not hear it, more shame. 

I have so much to do and I just sit here and bitch. 

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