Friday, August 19, 2011

The Next Hundred Days - Prelude

So, anyway I learned some things today and had three experiences. 

I learned that I am so respected at work that just about anything is possible, and that is just freaking amazing.  The system in which I work is stressed because of budgetary cuts, which translates to a more stressful environment.  And, yet, I get to create another dimension to the work I do.  Granted, it is not going to cost any money, but I get to expand further into the community with all kinds of support.  I am thinking about writing for a grant for more technology, so that would be cool, too, and fun since I have not written for any grants for the past few years.  Another agency wants to partner with me and I am going to do it.  We will begin cross-training in a few weeks or maybe the middle of October, I still have not decided, what with the trip and the beginning of school in a few weeks.  Anyway, the whole thing just totally rocks.

Next, I was offered a job with a governmental agency in the town where I do most of my volunteer work.  The offer came as a result of some of that work.  Whilst it would help to remedy part of my financial dilemma, I turned it down.  Philosophical differences, and that is all I am going to share about that.  Very satisfying to feel so comfortable giving up the money in favor of honoring my ethics.  I am feeling strong as a result of this, especially since things around here are still so crappy.  I will admit that declining left me feeling a little breathless and wondering if I had, finally, totally and completely lost my mind.  Like, I must be far off in the deep end of incipient psychosis to even think of refusing such a fine offer.  Like, really.  But, I did and it immediately felt, well, it felt just wonderful and thoroughly right.  Who woulda thunk it.

The third nice thing is that I was invited to be a part of a new program serving those in the community who are homeless or near to being so.  It is practically brand-spanking-new and it was offered to me less than an hour after I turned down the paying job, which if I had accepted I would not have been able to do the new volunteer thing.  I mean, talk about connections and consequences and all that jazz.

My little heart is all pitter-pattery and if this sequence of events today is not the perfect illustration of paying attention to my life instead of over-thinking every damn thing and rushing to the appearance of financial improvement because I am so worried about fixing the van's brakes, instead of being available to do some truly kick-ass and important work, well, I do not know what is.

Totally, freaking, amazing day.  Man.

There is some kind of idea in my head about where I want to go in the next several months, life-wise, but it is still percolating and I am going to let it be until it settles into something.  I can do that.

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  1. Love you, Baby...glad you had such a day when others also realised your value ...looking forward to hearing more about these news paths and your plans.