Friday, August 5, 2011

100 Days toward a healthier life - Day 90

Countdown:  11

Breakfast:  Chicken sausages, 3, they had spinach and feta cheese in them
Lunch:  Soup, crackers, dried cranberries
Snack:  Pudding snack cups, 2, a nap
Dinner:  Chocolate, according to the package: 2 servings, dried cranberries, according to the package: 2 servings

I think that, since things are not ever, ever, in never...going to get better around here, that I am going to begin a stress level notation.  I think that if no one bothers me, that the stress meter would register a zero, and then go up from there to ten (10) if need be.  I should probably factor in work, although that has gone beautifully for two years and even the worst day there would never have increased my levels more than a point or two. 

Family, and I guess friends, well that might add something, but they rarely are bothersome, as we all get along very well.  I suppose an issue could arise there, but I would be really surprised.  Well, except for the two that drink all the time, but we have an agreement that they cannot contact me when they are intoxicated and they rarely violate that, for which I am extremely grateful, because those conversations are so painful for me.  They are all drunk and everything and I am not thrilled with how I handle the effects of that.

So, for today, I was at home all day and the stress meter registers a 5.  I might have to make a little graphic for this, but not tonight.

Anyway, I can usually eat the same thing for days and days at a time, but I think that I am all soup-ed out.  I really cannot even think about having my homemade soup again for a while.  I might be interested in a stew, though, so a stop at the market on the way home from coffee tomorrow might be in order.  Maybe chili.  Maybe not.  Maybe more steak.  Ahhhh.  Or, maybe the Asian market, where I can get lots of wonderful seafood and beautiful vegetables.  However, I will not be shopping for cow uterus stew ingredients.  Lots of excellent choices, well, except for the cow lady parts.

I have these pudding cups in the refrigerator.  They are for work lunch, just in case I need a little something sweet to finish my lunch stuff.  I mostly end up throwing them away when I get home, but once in a while they just look great when I am on an at-home day, and today I had two of them, followed by a nap.  A long nap.  So, when I finally got up a few hours ago, I was not hungry and still am not.  So, ate a few squares of chocolate and some dried cranberries together and it was really, really good.  Well, not a good dinner, but very delicious.

I was thinking, just a few minutes ago that I could make up for it, nutritionally, at breakfast tomorrow, but we are meeting at a place that does pastries and breakfast pizza, neither of which is what I should be eating, diabetes-wise.  I will just have to see how that goes.

Other than the stress things, a fairly uneventful day, mostly because of the huge, honking nap in the middle of everything.  I did no divesting or sorting or cleaning of an extraordinary nature, only two related things into the charity box.  I did make an attempt at cleaning the floors, but I think that my days of down on my knees scrubbing are over, as in I never want to do that again as long as I live.  I wonder if those spiffy-swiffy floor cleaning things work well in a house with cats.  My daughter uses the one with the wet spray thing, but I am not sure how well or economical it would be to use it here.  No carpeting, so lots of floors to mop, some of which have to be waxed as well.  Maybe just a regular kind of sponge mop would work.  Maybe divine inspiration will come upon me in the housewares department at Walmart tomorrow.

The van.  It still needs to have the brake lines replaced.  And, I am now slightly paranoid about going anywhere with the darn thing.  The repairs done this week seem to be doing the job, but it still makes me nervous and I am not taking any highways when I go to coffee tomorrow. 

I was, am, unable to find anyone to give me rides to and from work next week, so I am dropping the van off at the repair shop and renting a car, which I already shared, and I think it is a fine idea.  A small price to pay for some peace of mind. 

Well, off to take a couple of antihistamines and maybe finish the not-zombie book.  I kind of like it.  It is light reading and that seems to suit me just fine right now.  I might even read more books by the same author.  I am missing my guilty pleasure images, but, I guess, not enough to make any.  My heart for them seems to be misplaced somewhere, or maybe it is hiding.

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