Tuesday, August 2, 2011

100 Days toward a healthier life - Day 87

Breakfast:  Nothing
Lunch:  Sushi, cake, cherries
Dinner:  Sushi, then not sushi, then cake, then steak

Not an easy food day.  I was so busy organizing this morning that I forgot to eat, or drink for that matter, and by the time my body protested, it was noon-ish.  I nuked a couple of frozen burritos, plopped some sour cream on top, dumped some salsa over all of it and decided that as long as I was in the kitchen, that I should start a loaf of bread.

Then, the telephone rang and it was the repair shop guy.  It seems that my nearly thirteen year old car, and no, that is not really all that old for a car, had a brake lines problem.  One of the lines, of which I was informed there are many, had completely rusted through, which is why my brakes failed yesterday.  They fixed it, but every other line is nearly as bad.  Their schedule is jam-packed and they cannot get to the rest of them until next week, so they sent someone to pick me up and in the process of throwing some clothes on and dipping my face in make-up, I completely forgot about eating. 

When I drove the guy back to the shop, and since my lunch was now garbage, I decided to do the errands that were undone from yesterday when the whole brakes thing happened.  I did not get all of them done, but I did stop at the market for something fun to eat, which is my fall-back activity when I am too stressed.  Seems like fixing all of the brake lines...how damn many of them are there anyway...is going to cost nearly $1500.00.  Crap.  All I could think of was that I needed pie.

I settled for a slice of cake and decided that mood altering really did have to be healthier, so cherries, pluots and an apple (for the chicken salad), a couple of steaks, on sale but still expensive, and some sushi would have to do.  Oh, soft drinks in cans were on a great sale, so I got some of them, too.  Well, I got a lot of them, but who is counting.  Not me.

I was so hungry that I ate half of the sushi in the car before driving home.  Then, I had half the cake slice and ate cherries until my stomach protested.  Now, cherries are a wonderful fruit, but when you eat a couple of dozen they are not tummy friendly.  However, the resulting "effect" properly took care of my constipation problem.  I need to start taking a fiber supplement, because eating less is not lower-intestinally helpful.  And, all of the soda that I bought is not going to help, either.

So, dinner was supposed to be the rest of the sushi/cake/cherries, but the sushi was icky.  Even one of the cats would not eat the salmon, so I took her lead and threw it all out.  However, the cake was delicious. 

I looked at the cherries.  Then, I kept looking at them and decided that my plumbing was juicy enough and broiled one of the steaks instead.  I just finished it, with a little help from the kitties, and it was great.  I probably should have had a salad or some greens with it, but I am too tired.  Besides, plain meat, even steak, maybe especially steak, is great for diabetics, particularly since I ate the rest of that cake. 

Off to bed, to try to sleep, but I suspect that I will be trying to figure out how to pay the repair bill for the car (goodbye traveling next month), and how I am going to get to and from work next week whilst it is in the shop.  Practically everyone I know is out of town next week, vacations, and I really, really, really do not want to walk the three-plus miles to the bus stop.  Oh, god.  Tomorrow, Scarlet.

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