Sunday, August 21, 2011

The next Hundred Days - Prelude 3

The family thing was today and it was nice.  Every single person was invited (even the really wacky sister-in-law), but, in deference to the very long distances some would have had to travel, not everyone was expected.  There were two surprises, one from each side of the family, and, gosh, that caused so much excitement and happiness and the love was just flowing all over the place.  Very, very nice. 

The take-along play mat with the cars was a big hit and was used today during the church service.  A quiet toy to help the little ones handle the adult goings-on.

It is approximately sixteen inches square.  Cobblestone fabric on both sides, but a red, four-pocket addition to one side.  It can hold up to a dozen of those small cars.  the pocket is two layers and there is a layer of medium weight Pellon inside the whole thing.  It has two nice, soft and wide straps for tying the roll closed.  Oh, yeah, when you put the cars into the pockets, you fold the other half over the cars and roll it up, tying the straps to keep it together.  I was going to applique roads, driving lanes, sidewalks and maybe trees houses and other stuff, but when I had it cut out, I decided that leaving it plain, for open-ended play made more sense for my grandbabies.  It was a good design choice, as it turns out.

Here are the images.
The side with the pocket for the cars.  Sort of half-way moved in the direction of the fold-before-the-roll-up.

Three of the pockets, with the straps just hanging out and being groovy.

Full of imaginary roads

Close-up of the cobblestones.  So cute.

All folded and rolled and ready to go.


  1. I love it and the cobblestone fabric is brilliant!

    Glad you had a happy day!

  2. I'm with Sue on the play mat!

    So pleased also that your day went so well!

    Cheers, Karen near Gympie.

  3. It is nice to have a few days that do not suck so terribly. Thinking soft and loving thoughts is likely to be what is going to get me through the tough times.