Friday, August 5, 2011

Another thing

I do not live alone, although I pretty much have to do everything alone.  This is not a problem, except for when I need some logistical help with something like the whole transportation issue and how complicated it is right now and will be through the end of next week. 

Even though I am handling it on my own, the perception of other people is that I am not needful of handling any of this sort of thing on my own, alone.  It appears that I have a helpmate for these sorts of things.  So, when I ask for help with something of this nature, it is not uncommon for at least one person to say something about the other person here helping me.  Sometimes it is a simple comment, other times a query into why I might be bothering that person when I seem to have other resources.  Either way, I cannot explain, and that often results in someone not returning a favor that I have done for them because they believe that I should be getting help from someone else in the house. 

I understand and I just move on and figure out some other way that does not involve needing help from anyone else, but I get to be sad about this, yes?

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