Saturday, August 20, 2011

The next Hundred Days - Prelude 2

I am still agog at yesterday's happenings.  Glad and all that, but amazed.  Still.  But, glad.  Lordy.

So, here we are, Diary, back together on another forced march towards fixing me.  Baby steps, baby, that is how this one is going to go, just like the previous ones.  I intend to use this process until the day comes when I can sit and do nothing because I am totally caught up with all the stuff that needs doing and there is not anything to do unless I make something up.

I still need a focal point, but am going to let that come in its own time, lest I dedicate the next leg of this project to something that I will regret having chosen.  Like, ummm, that would totally suck, so I am not going to rush this.  I have a couple of ideas juicing around in my noggin, although nothing is holding much energy for me.  I need to stop thinking about it.

Coffee today with my friends, but the last time for a long time, until the van gets fixed.  Gosh, where are the shitload of money faeries when you need them?

I made the gift bags for a family thing tomorrow and put the gifts in them.  I made cards from images of the recipients and did cut-outs of appendages to hold the gift cards.  What else?  Yeah, I finally made the car roll that I have been meaning to make for at least two months for the grandbabies. 

I had an idea about a tiny playmat that could hold a couple of their tiny cars and that could be hauled along to church and restaurants and just anyplace where we might have to have something quiet with which to keep them entertained.  It turned out very nicely and when I have time I am going to post pictures of it, but not tonight, because it is a long drive to the festivities early tomorrow morning and it is late and I am going to bed whether I want to or not.

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