Saturday, August 6, 2011

100 Days toward a healthier life - Day 91

Countdown:  10

Breakfast:  Eggs, then coffee with my friends
Lunch:  Chinese buffet place
Snack:  Banana flax bread, an end slice, total yum
Dinner:  2 spring rolls, a bit of chocolate

A nice day with friends.  It does not get better than that, but it is marginally so when you get to have  a nice lunch and actually eat well when presented with a too generous buffet.  I did eat well.  Good girl.

Afterwards, I took my friend around to all of her errands and we bought some beads and she bought some fabric and a pattern and we ended the afternoon with huge diet colas at McDonald's, where it was nice and cool, and not the teeniest bit humid, unlike the weather we have been having lately.

The gift of a day without stress is more wonderful than just about anything.  Lucky girl.

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