Sunday, August 14, 2011

100 Days toward a healthier life - Day 96, 97, 98 and 99

So, three more days have passed and I wish that I could remember what I ate, but I cannot recall most of it.  It was a retreat center, so the fare was plain and simple.  Maybe those two words mean the same thing, but retreat center food is almost always delicious even though it is not fancy by any definition.

The breakfasts were bread that you could toast, yogurt, juice and coffee or tea.  The other meals were mostly some kind of casserole, starchy, thick gravy and bread.  We did have really fabulous broccoli one night, and brothy soup was also available.  I went to a Target store, one of those big ones with a grocery store in it and got green peppers, strawberries, grapes and apples.  So, a pretty good food weekend.

Today I stopped at a diner for lunch and had a nice burger and fries, catsup and a soft drink.  Dinner when I arrived home was a couple of those frozen burritos and a lecture on how I spend too much money on food and gas for the van.  So much for trying to eat better and more healthy food, and the van will stop working soon enough, so that problem will be solved.

The van is, to the best of my understanding, not going to be fixed, but I will keep driving it as long as I can.  When the rest of the rusted brake lines wear through, I will have it towed home and will have to walk the three miles to the bus stop to go to work.  I had this insane thought that maybe the sight of me walking with my cane (or the occasional two canes) might find me offered a ride once in a while during that walk.  It will not be so bad now, but late fall and winter are going to be a bitch. 

Anyway, I am not going to worry about that right now.  I cancelled the two trips that I had planned, and that money, nearly eight hundred dollars might buy me some rides to the bus stop, and, at least I will not be spending any money on gas, so that is a good thing.

I really wish that I could have gotten out of this weekend's drive for that workshop.  It would have saved me the hundred or so dollars for the car rental, but I said that I would be there and I keep my word.  Not that that really seems to count for anything anymore, but it is more and more just about all that I have.  SWINM was furious when I got home tonight and went out and trimmed three branches that fell on the rental car, for which I am responsible and whilst it looked like the leafy parts protected the car roof, hood and doors, I moved it out of the way as best I could.  Something else happened, but I cannot talk about that yet, or maybe never, but it sure did make coming home not so much fun.

Next weekend is the grandbabies' baptism and all I want is for that damn van to work long enough for me to get the fifty or so miles there and then back home again.  Then, I do not care about it, or, frankly, much of anything.

I am thrilled that this hundred days is over and I can finally stop writing and thinking about it.  I tried so hard to get healthier, become more organized and get rid of all of my crap.  I needed to be less encumbered by stuff and to be a better person.  Well, I did as much and as well as I could.  It has to be enough.  One more day of this and I am going to spend the time until tonight thinking about some of the larger aspects of what I hoped to accomplish and how much progress I made and all that stuff. 

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