Monday, May 9, 2011

Seconds on that responsibility, please

Day two of accountability.

Needed a nap again today.  Just a short one, but, gosh, this tired babe needs to be less tired.  It might be time for another sleep study or some damn thing.  Whatever it needs to be, it is certain to need a chunk of money.  At this rate, the only travel I will be able to afford is back and forth to the medics.

Two corn dogs (the frozen kind) for breakfast.
Microwave popcorn for lunch. 
Three half-strength mugs of instant, sugar-free hot cocoa throughout the afternoon.
A WW frozen meal for dinner.  Followed by a cup of plain yogurt with a cup of frozen raspberries (no sugar), and another mug of the aforementioned hot cocoa.  The yogurt/fruit mix was surprisingly satisfying.  I might consider that as an entire dinner, along with some soothing tea.
Lots of water during the day.  Sure am missing soft drinks, though.

I think that I need to transition to hot, decaffeinated tea, instead of the cocoa mix.  I also need to get some fresh vegetables and more whole grains into the mix.  However, I am trying to use up the food that is already here before buying more.  I have whole wheat pasta, canned beans and tomatoes, canned pumpkin and boxes of stock.  More microwave popcorn.  More hot cocoa mix.  Plenty of tea.  Three apples, mostly because I did not eat an apple on Sunday.

I think that those corn dogs are going to tempt me more than I want.  Why did I buy them and the other frozen meals?  Yeah, I remember.  It is because I am often too tired and in pain from all my body problems, which are not weight related, to actually cook fresh food and it, the fresh foods, eventually get tossed in the compost or trash. What a shameful waste.

There must be an easier way to do this.  I was in enough pain today to keep me from going anywhere, much less the WW meeting.  I have to go out to mentor tomorrow and will try to stop in afterward. 

And, this pain stuff.  I can no longer take some of the over-the-counter analgesics.  That leaves the prescription meds.  I cannot even begin to consider all of that right now.

I know that thing about how we either try or we just do.  Well, just doing does not always work when you cannot walk long or far enough to actually do something.  Some days the best I can do is to try.  Is there not a way to make that work?

So, tomorrow:
Buy some damn vegetables.  Then, eat them.
Find a meeting time and actually go.
First go to the bank and get some damn cash or open a damn checking account to keep the meeting people happy.  When they are happy, all of us are happy.
As long as I am out, I should stop at the mall and try to find some walking shoes to help minimize the foot pain.

I will be less cranky and more everything that I want to be when I am healthier.  I can do this. 

Oh, and I took a single Benadryl tablet before bed last night and did not wake up choking on mucus.!!!  Wow, a plan, albeit short-term, to make one thing better. 

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