Monday, May 23, 2011

100 Days toward a healthier life - Day 16

16Breakfast:  Yogurt, blueberries
Lunch:  Eggs, scrambled with jalapeno
Snack:  Most of an Atkins bar, some kind of caramel and nut thing; saving the rest for breakfast tomorrow. smiley: tongue
Dinner:  Artichokes, big salad with mushrooms, zucchini, tomato, cauliflower, celery, bacon, iceberg

Since someone asked:
Egg = 1 egg
Eggs = 2 eggs
I think 2 eggs is my limit, but if it changes, I will say so.
I drink a lot of plain water, a lot, at least a gallon a day, and sometimes have a cup of coffee or tea, except on Saturday mornings when I try to behave as though I am training for the Olympic coffee swilling team.  I have coffee divas all over the Midwest, willing and able to keep my damn cup full of brew as bitter as their restaurants will allow to be sold.  I am never happier than when I get the bottom of the pot.  Yum.

I did only a little cleaning today and some gathering of art materials for donation.  But, I am feeling better.  Hooray!  Much less coughing and I think that, well, I do not know what the hell I know, but I feel better.

So, anyway, artichokes.  They are so beautiful.  It seems a shame to cook them sometimes.  Their perfect globeyness, that mossy green...or is it artichoke green...with those sweet purple accents.  I think that most people do not eat the outer leaves, but I do, loving that bitterness.  And, that is my ode to artichokes and still one more proof of what an idiot I truly am.  Fortunately, I do not care a whit and am happy to embrace my dorkiness.  Really.  It has taken me decades to be comfortable with all of it, although I wonder, sometimes, how easy it is to be my friend.  Oh, well.

No cake today.  Man, that was a rough two days.  Cake.  Like it more than artichokes.  Eating that first bit of cake on Saturday created two days of cravings.  They are gone today, although I feel hungrier.  Tomorrow is lunch out with a friend and a test of whether or not I have completely brought down my self control.  They have sushi there.  Lordy.

Oh, even though I am not going many places, if I were, I would not be using my cane.  And one of the retinal wafer thing detachments managed to fold itself in half during the night and is almost half the size it was.  Maybe now it will sink more quickly.  After all this time, you would think that I would stop responding to it and swatting at the air like there was a huge bug in front of my face.  No new blood splatters in either eye since a week ago.

I bought bilberry to help with my eyes and turmeric for my nerve damage...or, is it the other way around?  Anyway, I will start taking them sometimes this week.  The fiber tablets are keeping my colon happy.  What else?  Nothing, I guess.  Oh, one more thing.  There was this gel mat at the pharmacy that you can put under the sheets and it is supposed to help you stay cooler at night.  I bought the smaller, pillow-sized one and tonight will try it.  If it saves me from having to buy a window air conditioner, it will be twenty bucks well spent.

O.K., one more critter GP.  Named, Cock-a-doodle-don't:

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