Wednesday, June 1, 2011

100 Days toward a healthier life - Day 25

Breakfast:  Eggs
Lunch:  Salad, 3 old chicken wing parts (over-microwaved), a couple of pecan halves, a couple of tiny, tumbled carrots
Dinner:  2 dollar menu chicken sandwiches (jalapenos added at home), small fries

Good grief, a quarter of the way through.  If I were not already feeling and seeing changes, for the better by the way, in my body, I think that I would be discouraged with so little time left.  I know that I am invested in making life-long changes and that I did not gain all of the tonnage in a few months, but I am a bit discouraged.  Not much, just a little.

Still walking without my cane and I actually felt confident tooling around work today.  I must have made a dozen or more trips to various parts of the building.  I still took the elevator between floors, often enviously watching other people take the stairs.  Too much bone-on-bone in my knees and hip to be able to navigate them quickly enough to stay out of the way of people who can use them with ease.

I remember thinking, during one of those waiting for the elevator moments that I will be able to fly up and down in another month or so, then remembering that that is simply not going to happen for me, not with these joints. 

The fiber babes met again at the end of the day.  I have been wanting to take on knitting again, so this is the perfect opportunity.  I am the second last person with experience, but did not feel intimidated by the skill levels of the other women.  I took out my cotton yarn and my number 4 needles and cast on for a wash cloth.  I made it halfway and will finish it at the gallery on Friday and begin a second one.

I decided that it was so cute that it and the second one could be for my grandbabies.  I just bought them Cars strawberry shampoo and we will be making bath paints next week.  With the wash cloths, they will be set to go.  I thought about making some swirled soap in the colors of the yarn, but quickly abandoned the idea.  Just too tired to mess with lye.

I scheduled an extra session with a client for tomorrow morning, and, huge surprise, have been invited to lunch at the Japanese restaurant.  I might not go, just have to see how the energy develops tomorrow.

What else...nothing.  I am tired and going to bed.  Watched the De Niro, Edward Norton film, Stone tonight.  Very film noir, but really, ponderous.  I liked it, sort of, decent acting, mostly, and Norton is as mesmerizing to watch as ever, but it seemed full of lost opportunities.  Or, I am just too tired and did not get any of it.  Probably the latter.  Maybe not. 

I am hungry.  My feet hurt.

I think this is the last stockpiled GP. 

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