Wednesday, June 8, 2011

100 Days toward a healthier life - Day 32

Breakfast:  Eggs, bacon, tea
Lunch:  2 hot dogs, 1 bun, dill pickle slices, jalapeno slices, carrot sticks
Dinner:  Japanese place, usual stuff, usual behaving myself...yay me

This is the short and sweet of my day, because I am Ecks Hoss Ted, but my friends just call me Ecks.

Work was great, and with a no-show, I was able to do more work on that web site and catch up on a few other things.  The gift of empty time to fill is something that I will never take for granted.  It is that wonderful.  Clients were the usual mix.  I cannot define exactly what that is, but there is a customary mix and today was it.

Knitting club after work.  I have finished two of the half-size bath cloths and started on one that is shaped like a fish.  It is 2/3 of the way done and already cute.  I should have a few more pairs done by the time we make bathtub soap paint again.  Maybe the end of next week.

On my way out of the library today, the cover of a sewing book caught my eye.  It was on the new releases shelves and it is for small or scrap fabric projects.  I think that most of them, maybe all, just not sure, use a fat quarter or less of fabric.  I will check tomorrow when I am more alert.

Still walking without my cane, but, man, does it ever hurt like a bitch.  Those hip joints are rubbing bone-to-bone in a few places and it is taking large amounts of pain relief to make this walking unaided possible, but I just know that it will help with keeping me more mobile and less crippled.  I just know it and have to be patient until my supporting muscles pack on the fast and slow twitch fibers. I just know it.

There are some big storms in the area tonight.  It has been beastly hot for a few days, like dangerous to old folk and pets, or something.  On my way home I was stuck in traffic a block away from the tornado sirens.  What a pain, literally.  My left ear is still ringing and I have to wonder how the people who live near those things can stand it.  No tornadoes, but high winds, like in excess of 85 miles per hour, which blew a semi-truck on it's side whilst I was driving home.  Supposed to be bringing quarter-sized hail, too.  I am sort of sorry to have to miss that, because it sounds like the storm is going around us.

That is it, bed for me and the kitties, reading whilst the storm blasts through here.  My life seems so much better today than it has for a while.  I am going to keep myself occupied with gratitude.  Yep.

GP.  Nested hearts, I think.

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